About us


The Silent Hunter Group was founded in 2018 by Dr. Tristan and Annie Guttridge. Both marine advocates with a deep affection for sharks, they were regularly approached to join or lead expeditions, particularly with a shark focus. These requests led to The Silent Hunter Group being formed.

With Tristan’s history as a known shark researcher and TV personality, and Annie’s as a photographer, passionate ocean advocate and online influencer, the two came together, combining their skill sets to create an expedition like no other.


The Guttridges lead ecotourism excursions to a variety of pristine locations in search of adventure. These trips are short insights into a world of nature, sea life and science as small groups explore a mixture of untouched habitats whilst searching for wildlife, ultimately seeking experiences they’ll never forget.

Think searching undiscovered mangrove forests for lemon sharks or seahorses, diving the Tongue of the Ocean hopeful for sharks, mahi or even sperm whales, diving in blue holes, swimming with wild dolphins, assisting with the tagging of sharks, listening to scientific presentations lead by the scientist himself, chasing drones in search of the critically endangered sawfish, or simply waiting in silence for turtles to crawl the beach to lay their precious eggs, these trips are like no other.



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