Who will lead the expedition?

Expeditions will be run by two of the following people; Dr.Tristan Guttridge,  Annie Guttridge, Matthew Potenski, Grant Johnson, Bryan Keller or Charlotte Sams (find out more about them here). In Andros our boat captain and guide will be Cole Mcvay of PFO Charters. Cole and his family have been associated with Andros for over 25 years.

How can I confirm my place?

To reserve your place simply contact us with your preferred expedition date and once we confirm availability, pay your 20% ($720) nonrefundable deposit and you're all set to join our trip!

What experience do I need to join?

Expeditions are open to everyone, at all levels! All participants are required to be able to swim, and have some experience with snorkeling and outdoor adventure. The boat we use has a ladder to allow for easy access to the water. Please visit our blog for an insight into one of our trips!  *Our team pride ourselves in helping guests learn to overcome fears and enhance their confidence in the water during interactions with wildlife.

Do I need to be SCUBA or freediver qualified?

Absolutely not. We will not be using SCUBA during our expeditions and although freediving experience is an advantage, it is not essential.

What can I expect to see?

Wildlife is unpredictable but there are some species that we have a better chance of encountering (see list below). During some activities bait/chum might be used to facilitate close interactions e.g. a shark capture for tagging or whilst drifting in the tongue of the ocean during a dive. Our team are highly experienced in such practices and will advise participants regarding entering the water and how to interact with animals to ensure close, safe and exciting encounters.

Highly likely

  • Caribbean reef, lemon, nurse, blacknose, sharpnose, silky, and blacktip sharks

  • Eagle, yellow and southern stingrays

  • Green turtles

  • Bonefish and an array of other fish and corals


  • Great and scalloped hammerhead, tiger, bull and blue shark (particularly during the winter months)

  • Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins

  • Loggerhead turtles

VERY Lucky 

  • Smalltooth sawfish

  • Oceanic whitetip

  • Sperm whale

  • Whale shark

  • Manta Ray

What should I bring?

You will be allowed 40lb (18kg) of luggage.

  • Passport – This includes US citizens!

  • Visa - Please check whether you need a visa for the Bahamas. Citizens of the US and countries of the Commonwealth (e.g. UK, Canada, Australia) can enter as tourists.

  • Sun block/ screen / lotion - SPF 30 should be a minimum - We recommend Stream2Sea use code CORALSAFE for a discount

  • Insect repellent and/or baby oil (for mosquitoes and sand flies)

  • Hat, buff and polarized sunglasses - Polarization reduces water glare and protects your eyes from UV

  • Rain jacket

  • Dive gear: mask, fins, snorkel, gloves and booties or similar are a must! Absolutely no scuba gear is required although a weight belt would be beneficial

  • Bathing suit and rash guard (for UV protection) or wetsuit (1.5mm for summer, 3-5mm for winter)

  • Dry bag -optional but proves very useful in the field

  • Beach towel or large towel -optional – bath towels and bed linens are provided

  • Clothes that can get wet or ruined! - T-shirts and shorts, a sweat shirt and long pants, warm / waterproof jacket, long sleeve shirt, buff, sandals or shoes that can get wet

  • Any special foods or medications e.g. seasickness tablets, waterproof band-aids for fin sores, electrolytes for hydration or similar

  • Headlamps are useful if we decide to go on any evening adventures

  • Spending money for personal expenses - Bahamian dollars or US dollars as they are also accepted in Andros

  • Camera- Topside and/or underwater

  • Spare batteries for headlamps, cameras, etc. as batteries and film accessories are difficult obtain on the island

  • SD cards, USB, hard-drive and laptop as desired

Do you have any additional expedition dates for 2019/2020?

Unfortunately not at this stage. If however you have a large group of 6/7 guests please contact us where we will be delighted to discuss the possibility of arranging a personal, tailored expedition just for you. 

What's included for the $3600 fee?

  • Flight with a private charter (Tropic Ocean Airways – www.flytropic.com) from FLL (Sheltair) to Andros, Fresh Creek and airport transfer on arrival

  • 6-nights accommodation with three main meals per day provided by Andros Bonefish Club (www.androsbonefishing.com)

  • 5 full days water time on a comfortable vessel with a local captain/guide in addition to nearby exploration on arrival and departure days

  • 2 experienced expedition leaders

  • Lectures and presentations on various topics e.g. shark behavior and conservation

  • Photography and/or social media coaching

  • A Silent Hunter Group eco gift pack including a reusable water bottle and straw, a bamboo tooth brush, eco-friendly sunscreen, reusable canvas bag, t-shirt and more

  • A selection of high quality digital photos of you during the expedition

Whats not included?

  • Transport to Fort Lauderdale

  • Personal dive equipment (mask, snorkel, fins etc. no SCUBA equipment required)

  • Travel insurance

  • Necessary VISAs

  • Crew gratuities as you feel appropriate

* Please note there are no refunds for lost days due to weather cancellations, trip delays, injury or equipment issues.

What are my payment options?

Methods of payment:

  • Wire – If you wish to send a wire or bank transfer, please let us know and we will send you an invoice that includes our information. Please add an additional $15 to cover the fee that the bank charges us for receiving wire transfers

  • Paypal – If you wish to pay through Paypal we will send you a Paypal money request that includes an additional 3% to cover the fees that Paypal charge us

  • Check – can be sent to our office address, please contact us for details of where and who to make the check out to. Please note there is no additional fee for this option

A non-refundable 20% deposit ($720) is required to immediately guarantee your space on the expedition with the remaining balance due 45-days prior to the trips departure. We are happy to offer a personal payment plan allowing you to breakup the costs over a period of months, simply ask, we'll happily accommodate your needs.

* Please note there are no refunds for lost days due to weather cancellations, trip delays, injury or equipment issues.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is essential. We strongly recommend insurance DAN (Divers Alert Network; www.diversalertnetwork.com) as they provide excellent and affordable coverage with evacuation costs included.

*Please note it is solely your responsibility to ensure you are insured for all eventualities 

What safety and emergency procedures do you have in place?

Our team have collaborated with dive and emergency paramedic Mike Hudson to put together an emergency evacuation plan (you will receive a copy on booking) and first aid procedures and protocols. *Accidents are rare; however, it is important that our team are prepared, and guests know that procedures are in place to ensure their safety throughout experiences

Are there any age restrictions?

The minimum age for an expedition participant is 16 with a parent or guardian. Any person over 18 is welcome to join us solo. *Please contact us if you have a large group under 18 where we'll happily discuss and accommodate a way of working with you.

Will I need a VISA?

Depending on your nationality and legal records you may need to obtain a Bahamian and/or American VISA to enter both or either country. Bahamian VISA information can be found HERE and American VISA information can be found HERE, although we urge you to spend time on searching other websites for additional information.

Where can I find your full Terms and Conditions?

Please PRESS HERE to view our Terms and Conditions or simply email us for a copy.



We are always happy to help, advise and answer any questions you may have so please ask away! You can contact us via the contact tab on our website, via email (contact@thesilenthunter.com) or via any of our social media channels below.